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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

FINEPACK SE complies with all laws and other legislative regulations of the Czech Republic and the related conventions of the International Labour Organization.

Slavomil Olšák, the owner of the company, commits himself to acceptance of the following principles in the area of corporate social responsibility, ethical business, environmental sustainability, working conditions, and management of external providers of processes, materials and services.

He agrees to comply with the following

  • Observance of legislative requirements in the field of labour relations, occupational safety and safety of the environment and prevention of possible situations leading to their violation.
  • To take care of the health and safety of the employees and provide a safe work environment not harmful to their health.
  • Meeting legislative requirements and ensuring a safe working environment not harmful to human health.
  • Ensure awareness raising and active involvement of the employees in the areas of corporate social responsibility, working conditions and the environment.
  • Non-use of child labour, adolescent labour and forced labour.
  • Respect for the right of all workers to exercise freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • Non-acceptance and non-promotion of discrimination in employment relations (race, nationality, gender, etc.)
  • Not using psychological or physical coercion.
  • Permitting workers to exercise their right to think and act independently and cater for their own needs.
  • Applicable working hours and remuneration regulations.
  • Non-application of unlawful disciplinary measures against employees.
  • Respect for the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of all employees.
  • Developing and disseminating the principles of environmental friendliness.
  • All laws and regulations pertaining to the process and subject of business.
  • Periodical reviews of this policy and taking measures to continuously improve the societal and social climate.

Company employees are expected to:

  • Behave consistently with the above principles, in relationships both within the company and with business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Adhere to and have general control over compliance with the company's currently valid values.
  • Be aware of their responsibility for their behaviour at work and in public.

Suppliers are expected to:

  • Comply with the requirements and principles of corporate social responsibility and have a policy of active approach to environmental issues implemented.

Establish and maintain an environmental management system with regard to:

  1. Reducing negative impacts on the environment and the health of employees
  2. Efficient use of energy and materials
  3. Minimisation of greenhouse gas emissions, use of renewable resources
  4. Reducing the amount of waste generated
  5. Resource reuse and recycling by safe, environmentally friendly practices