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The packaging material plays a significant role in protecting and preserving products throughout their lifecycle.


These are the materials commonly used in the packaging industry, selected for their product protection, durability and aesthetics.

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Kraft Paper
Rediscover unrefined texture. Kraft paper is a highly versatile, renewable raw material. Simple, modest and sustainable.
Textured Paper
The subtle patterns on textured paper create tactile and visually appealing designs.
C1S & C2S Paper
Paper is a classic choice offering a blank canvas for creativity, the customisation options are limitless.
Corrugated Cardboard
Pressed layers of kraft paper form corrugated cardboard, recognised globally for its protective quality and strength.
A durable and water-resistant synthetic material. Polyester is often used for foldable shopping bags.
Made from recycled plastic bottles, rPET produces items from lightweight carriers and woven bags to watch cases.


These innovative materials are from renewable resources, minimise impact on the environment and communicate a sustainable message to customers.

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A next-generation eco-material made of wood fibres. Its distinctive feel makes it suitable for luxury packaging.
Seaweed Paper
For beautifully unique packaging. Speckled, strong and stylish, seaweed is one of the most renewable materials in the world.
Sugarcane Paper
Discarded sugarcanes are blended with kraft paper to produce an unbleached FSC MIX material.