Embrace Individuality

Packaging is perfectly placed to communicate a brand's message. The secret is in the details..what does yours say about you?

Charlotte Spears

Styling Your Narrative

Stories are something we often discuss with clients.

They are the parts of a business that we often remember more than a statistic, the niche details and personal touches that form individuality. It could be an inspiring reason as to why a company was founded, a motivational vision or an outlandish marketing campaign.

The narrative that a brand creates around its product or service is how people get hooked, and for us to create packaging that fits as naturally as a second skin, we need to understand you.

Clients want the freedom to express their individuality and packaging is an opportunity for them to communicate who they are. We understand that customised details are key to communicating brand identity, and we celebrate the diversity of brands that we have represented throughout the years.

So whether you are looking to rebrand, want to experiment with a little seasonal flair or simply wish to refresh your look, let’s take you through the wardrobe of our packaging design and accessories to get you inspired for your next personalised piece.

Shapes, Sizes and Inserts

Bags and boxes come in all shapes and sizes. The boxes naturally have a little more leeway and can be rectangular, circular, cylindrical or a perfect cube. We have those with classical lids or ribbon-adorned drawers, and these can be used to hold items ranging from clothing to jewellery to biscuits.

Designed to protect the contents and look aesthetically pleasing, the size of the bag or the shape of the box can impact the customer experience of your product, whether it be the anticipation of receiving a large luxury bag or the curiosity surrounding a little keepsake box.

Delivery is everything and once that package opens, how the product sits inside only adds to the unwrapping experience. Choose from a sustainable honeycomb kraft mesh, a colourful nest of SizzlePak, soft foam or recyclable paper foam inserts. Considering the close as well as the open is just as important. Buttons, toggles or soft-click magnetic closes give a very different feel.

Allow the narrative to unfold by maintaining attention to detail at every stage.

Dress to Impress

The main event is the material, and what you choose to dress your product in says a lot to your potential customers.

With the increasing rise in demand for sustainable goods, our clients will often ask about sustainable materials to house their products and look to nature for inspiration. Paper is a popular choice for its recyclability and swift degradability, and we have tones and textures ranging from natural unbleached kraft to a heavily textured luxury material. 

We also have a paper that is blended with seaweed or sugarcane. Combining the traditional paper with other materials such as seaweed (highly renewable and exceptionally strong) gives the paper a speckled look and textured feel, adding character before the additional layering and accessorising even begins.

Tactility is an understated element of packaging and the addition of a pleasant or surprising feel will often evoke a positive response from your customer.

Paptic® is an eco-friendly material made of renewable wood fibres that feels unexpectedly like a fabric. It has the ability to be flexible without creasing, inks take to it beautifully, and it’s a suitable choice for luxury brands that wish to create originally distinctive packaging.

Reusable items are increasing in popularity with brands utilising cotton, jute and rPET (woven recycled plastic) and customising them with unique designs, the more stylish the design, the better the brand visibility as the bag steps away from simple packaging and becomes a fashion piece. 


Handles have an important role to play in branding and are a prominent part of a bag design in contributing to the overall look and feel of the packaging. 

Silky satin exudes elegance and is a regular with fashion houses, twisted paper speaks to the environment and textured cross-grain fabric is a favourite among perfumeries. A new design making waves is woven paper, multiple tiny millimetre strands are intertwined to form a delicate link creating a sustainable handle with a luxury feel. 

Unique Brand Design

Everything brand-related. Your colours, logo, typography, graphics, motifs. Incorporating authentic brand styling into your packaging is essential for communicating your story and connecting with your customers. 

Graphics are a key component of individualism and seasonal styling. Our in-house design team have a keen eye for aesthetics, professionals who combine artistry with technical expertise to create visually beautiful products born from your ideas.

Adding foils is an effective way to enhance quality. Many of us are drawn to shiny things and the additional reflective quality is an interesting eye-catcher. Hot and cold foils are a printing method in which coloured foils are transferred onto packaging to highlight a logo or add some festive sparkle. Cold foil will lay flush against the material whereas hot foil can be raised, a subtle difference resulting in a very clean finish.

Highly popular across all segments, when set against a contrasting colour or textured material the overall effect is very appealing.

Sleek and Raw Finishes

Packaging benefits from a range of laminations that not only protect the product but enhance the visual and tactile appeal. Depending on your style, how you coat your final item can play up or down the overall look. Starting with a sleek gloss, it can then move to a matte finish, soft-touch lamination, an eco-friendly cornstarch lamination or a partial varnish for a little highlighting of specific design elements.

There’s the option to go entirely natural, a favourite among organic foods and cosmetics, and leave the surface raw. This can leave the packaging more vulnerable to scrapes and scratches but the style fits perfectly to its customers and the effect speaks volumes.

The Benefits of Customised Packaging

Attract attention, stand out from your competitors and communicate who you are and what you stand for. Showcasing your brand and your values is key to connecting with customers, building trust and retaining business.

Have fun with it, dare to be a little different, engage and surprise your target audience and ultimately be authentic to your brand. Tell your unique story with the right packaging.