Jute Bags

Jute Bags

A beauty among textile bags with irresistible character. The strongest and cheapest natural fiber, grown without using pesticides or fertilizers and resistant to microorganisms, makes the jute bag an ideal shopping bag with the best properties. If you are a person who prefers reusable products, jute bags are the right environmental partner for you and your customers. And on top of that they look great.



  • Print options

    Print options:

    from one Pantone color to full color/CMYK edge-to-edge (full bleed) graphics

  • Handles


    Long over-the-shoulder straps or short hand grips

  • Material


    100% jute or juco (a combination of jute and cotton)

  • Minimum production quantity

    Minimum production quantity:

    1000 pcs

  • Production of a 1:1 sample

    Production of a 1:1 sample:

    by agreement

  • Standard production quantity

    Standard production quantity:

    3000 pcs

  • Production time

    Production time:

    from 3 weeks

  • Minimum cost-effective production quantity

    Minimum cost-effective production quantity:

    5000 pcs


  • Long lifespan (perfect in the context of your loyalty program or as a gift to your customers for larger purchases)
  • Exclusive marketing presentation method
  • Product reused by the customer (efficient cost distribution)

Jute Bags

Custom production of jute bags with printing from 1000 pieces. We also offer juco. Juco is a new versatile material that combines the best of cotton and jute bags (jute + cotton = juco). After harvesting, the jute is twisted into thicker fibers, which results in considerable strength of the jute bags. Ideal for advertising purposes.

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This eco-friendly partner will help you and your business get the most out of the promo bag. And on top of that, he will be very gentle to our planet.

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