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Bags and boxes are popular choices for packaging. The range of designs and materials available provides almost limitless opportunities for completely customised creations.


A classic packaging model across all segments. Popular for its versatility and options for on-brand design.

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Luxury Paper Bags
A fresh space awaiting customised design, a timeless accessory with your signature style.
Kraft Bags
Natural, neutral and sustainable. A kraft paper bag is instantly recognisable as an eco-friendly packaging solution.
Recycled Plastic Bags
Recycled plastic bags are a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics, helping to reduce waste and conserve resources.
Compostable Bags
A biodegradable carrier designed to swiftly degrade and minimise its impact on the environment.
Cotton Bags
Cotton is the archetype which sets the standard for reusable bags. It can be entirely customised to illustrate your brand.
Jute Bags
Naturally strong and durable, jute bags have a lasting nature and offer enduring reusability.
Fabric Pouches
Pouches to hold delicate items and gifts. The soft fabric and drawstring closure perfectly protects the contents inside.
PP Woven & Non-Woven Bags
Created from woven strands of poly-fabric, these reusable bags can also be made from r-PET recycled plastic.
E-com Mailers
E-com mailers are designed to be slim and lightweight, and can be customised to suit any company style.


Perfectly tailored to showcase individual style, the chosen closures, ribbons, and finishing decorative touches personalise these products.

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Luxury Boxes
A beautiful box is an ideal house for a collection of products, serving to elevate the items inside.
Cardboard & Folding Boxes
Versatile packaging solutions. These are often used for small cosmetic products and e-commerce.
Watch Cases
Luxurious cases crafted from responsible materials, with a durable outer exterior and a cushioned interior.
Eyewear Cases
Keep glasses in the best condition with a protective custom case, slim and lightweight.
Advent Calendars
An exciting way to count down to Christmas, customised calendars are perfect for showcasing new products.


Accessories are a creative way to add a little extra brand design to your packaging.

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Gift Envelopes
A compact and contemporary way to present gift cards in designs to suit different occasions and celebrations.
Silk Tissue Paper
Silk tissue is a soft and flexible paper, a translucent material used to wrap delicate items.
A lightweight cushion that keeps items safe and blends perfectly with your product in a palette of tones and shades.
Branded stickers are used for promotional events and for brand visibility. Available in a variety of shapes and colours.