We’ll pack your product in a story that will become a bestseller.

You have a great product, and we’ll make it high profile one. We are Fine Pack International, a leader in custom-made promotional bags, packaging, print and advertising products. We work with top European companies and state organizations across all fields. We supply our products to all countries of the European Union and Switzerland.

We work exclusively to order, and quality and a friendly approach permeate our DNA. For our regular clients, we have a VIP program that will show you how we can also take advantage of our technologies for other products, such as promotional items, print materials and other packaging materials.

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    We work with all available technologies on the market, regardless of the size of your project. We do business across the entire world, and collaborate with small, local, and the largest global manufacturers. This makes us able to achieve great prices, while maintaining the highest possible quality.

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    We keep up with market development, and intuitively switch to new, proven technologies, which we apply to our projects.

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    Loyalty means a great deal to us, and, besides our first-rate service, we provide our long-term clients with benefits in the form of a private sales representative, the option of extended payment deadlines, rebates, prioritization of their orders, etc.

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    You won’t get far! A few years ago, we started out in a small, windowless office, with the desire to conquer the Czech Republic. Today we do business across all of Europe and our next goal is to expand beyond its borders. We work with: T-Mobile, Telefónica O2, Philip Morris, CASIO, L’Oréal, Hotel Hilton, Samsung, ZOOT and others.


Our team

Radka Seďová photo

Radka Seďová

Business Director
Partner of Fine Pack

She's the Alpha. Leader of the pack. Business pack of wolves, which she successfully leads to the goal. Lover of personal meetings you will not want to leave.

Marek Lopatník photo

Marek Lopatník

Business Manager
Partner of Fine Pack

Marek enjoys his work, where he does everything to make his projects complete. His interests include history and cooking, and he is an early bird (morning person). He loves the sea and his personal motto is “The die is cast!”.

Slavomil Olšák photo

Slavomil Olšák


If nobody earns, it's a bad business. If we agree together, everybody will earn.

Kateřina Šebková photo

Kateřina Šebková

Procurement Manager
Partner of Fine Pack

She's like Ben Affleck in movie The Accountant. Merciless analyst with angelic face dressed in an elegant women's suit. Prices, margins and turnovers are her weapons.

Petr Hovorka photo

Petr Hovorka

Business Manager
Partner of Fine Pack

Once you talk to him, you understand that you’ve met a communication expert. His life’s motto is: “No pain, no gain”, which he applies during business negotiations. He loves order and chicken steaks.

Kateřina Vincová photo

Kateřina Vincová

Production Manager
Partner of Fine Pack

Just like Andy Warhol, She loves screen printing. Creative, hard-working, and detail oriented.

Tomáš Lula photo

Tomáš Lula

Business Manager
Partner of Fine Pack

A businessman in body and soul who knows that details make up the whole. He considers his greatest personal success to be that he knows his life’s direction. One day, he would like to sign a contract over his much-beloved coffee to produce bags for Apple.

Benjamin photo


Security Manager
Partner of Fine Pack

Thanks to his immovable poker face, you’ll never know he’s just eaten your snack. No matter where you hid it, even under lock and key.

Libor Štěcha photo

Libor Štěcha

Business Manager
Partner of Fine Pack

A born creative with a sense of self-discipline who you might meet at the gym or body-building competitions. And there, of course, on the winner’s platform. His role model is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom he would like to play poker with.

Radka Richterová photo

Radka Richterová

Billing Manager

Every invoice from her is a summary of our work for you. Enjoy it!

Lucie Jelínková photo

Lucie Jelínková

Partner of Fine Pack

She's like a coin that has two sides, or like a moon. One bright side and the other a little darker. During the day, she creates the best graphic designs and becomes a Japanese fighter Saya Kuroki at night.

Monika Šrubařová photo

Monika Šrubařová

Partner of Fine Pack

Always smiling, always in a great mood and always in white.

Martin Padělek photo

Martin Padělek

Logistics Manager
Partner of Fine Pack

Great karate fighter, football-tennis player and father. He is responsible for the quality of orders and their perfect delivery.