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We’ll make your bags or boxes in all possible materials with perfect printing.

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1st minute of the Big Bang

In the first minute 99 % of everything was created. Same as in our video
of production of luxury printed paper bags.

How does it work

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    Fill out the enquiry form
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    You receive a price offer in return
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    Confirm a production by email

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Touch quality. Write to us, and we’ll send you samples, and our catalog, free.

Special product offer

We have technologies, we know technologies and we can use these technologies also for objects other than advertising bags. It will always be custom-made and will always result in a perfect product. It’s only up to you to reduce the distance between the production and yourself.

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Find inspiration with us

There’s no need to wrack your brains over something that’s already been invented, long ago. Find inspiration in our gallery or on our social networks.

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PP woven bag - indestructible holder

PP woven bag - indestructible…

Who doesn't have a blue bag from the most famous furniture chain at home? The probability is really small. Have your blue bag, 100% functional and custom made just for your customer, who gets old with it.

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