Envelope & Cardboard Boxes

Envelope & Cardboard Boxes

Imagine a world without cardboard boxes. All your great products would be damaged, dirty and stressed. Slowly forget that nightmare now and know that our boxes can survive even the worst handling!



  • Finishes and effect options

    Finishes and effect options:

    glossy lamination

  • Cardboard type

    Cardboard type:

    3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer micro-corrugated cardboard (VVL)

  • Print options

    Print options:

    from one Pantone color to full color/CMYK edge-to-edge (full bleed) graphics

  • Minimum production quantity

    Minimum production quantity:

    1000 pcs

  • Production of a 1:1 sample

    Production of a 1:1 sample:

    by agreement

  • Standard production quantity

    Standard production quantity:

    3000 pcs

  • Production time

    Production time:

    from 3 weeks

  • Minimum cost-effective production quantity

    Minimum cost-effective production quantity:

    5000 pcs


  • Exclusive marketing presentation method
  • Unlimited production and surface treatment possibilities
  • Express production for extra fee

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