PP woven bag - indestructible holder

Who doesn't have a blue bag from the most famous furniture chain at home? The probability is really small. Have your blue bag, 100% functional and custom made just for your customer, who gets old with it.

It can carry everything

CEO FinePack Quote: "The bag is great, you can carry even a nonsense in it." Even 50 kg. It is indomitable, durable and holds. For so long. A great prerequisite to stay with your customers forever. Because such bags are not thrown away, they are simple and practical. The world-renowned Swedish furniture company is proof of this. In every family you will find this blue bag with long handles, if not even four. It's their signature, and when you see someone carrying this bag, you just remember the name of the chain… Well, we're not going to lie, that's the dream of every trader. You too can fulfil your dreams and have your "signature" created, which people will be happy to hide and use at home.


Lots of options

Take advantage of the surface finish possibilities - you can invent millions of details. Choose a variety of handle quality and lengths. Decorate the bag with a zipper for practicality or snaps for a clever folding. You can choose matt or glossy lamination. And finally, complete it with a one-color, full-color or full-area print. There are plenty of possibilities, and we will do what we see in your eyes.