HDPE strongman between bags

What else to say? Its best attributes are price, compactness and high load capacity. In addition, this material is 100% recyclable.

An inconspicuous muscleman

The type of 'T-shirt' bag is a strong man you wouldn't say. You may have sometimes come out of a shop where heavy goods were put in a slim, long-handles HDPE bag, and you just hoped quietly that it wouldn't break because that thin bag couldn't carry it. The opposite is true because it is HDPE - high density polyethylene. The German chemist Karl Ziegler was even awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his invention in 1963. Since 1976, HDPE foil has been produced in Czechoslovakia under the brand name MIKROTEN, which has become so popular that it has become synonymous with high-density polyethylene.


Plastic versus microtene bag

For comparison, the “T-shirt” type can carry more than a classic plastic bag, which has about 55 microns and can carry about 6 kg thanks to its reinforced handle. The HDPE bag ("T-shirt") has only 15 microns but can carry up to 12 kg. So don't judge the book by its cover. It looks very fragile, but in terms of carrying capacity, it can offer 3x more than a classic plastic bag with a reinforced handle. And it pays off.


Not plastic like plastic. OXO additives yes, or no?

Until now, we had the option of making bags with OXO additives. This causes the bag to be degradable. Decomposition occurs through the action of air, heat and light, but is not similar to the composting process. Simply put, when you let it lie in the air with the effect of heat and light, the material will weaken over time with additives. It sounds good, but the dark side is that it creates micro-plastics that eventually accumulate in the oceans (often at the bottom), where they seriously threaten the environment. And this does not correspond to our philosophy, so we say NO to OXO Additives and stop producing them. We are for the classic version of plastic, which is 100% recyclable and recycled to plastic used mainly in construction.