100% recyclable plastic bag

In this article about plastic bags we would like to show you that not all plastics are the same. Did you know that a plastic bag could be more environmentally friendly than a paper bag? Whether it's not plundering the forests or making our bags 100% recyclable. And as a bonus, you will appreciate the storage capacity of these bags, as you can hold 500,000 pieces on one pallet.

Paper or plastic?

Many studies come to the conclusion that plastics is winning with respect to the environment. Surprisingly, the paper variant is much more energy-demanding. Let's not forget, for example, transport where 52 kg of paper bag weight equals 6 kg of the same number of plastic bags. Or the amount of municipal waste produced is 34 kg for paper and 7 kg for plastic. GHG emissions will produce 0.04 tons of plastics, while paper will double. The water demand is also striking, with 15 liters of plastic consumption and 264 liters of paper. So the seemingly "greener" paper version is not the best way to fight ecologically.


Choose classic plastic without adding OXO additives

We would like to tell you a little about OXO plastics. This name refers to common plastic products to which special additives are added. They are in charge of ensuring, that, under certain conditions, such as ambient temperature, solar ultraviolet radiation, etc., the bags gradually disintegrate, usually within a few months to years. So it's important to store these bags in dark rooms at the right temperature. For example, by burying it in the ground, the bag will not break down, on the contrary, it is the ideal long-term depository for it. The first thing that comes to mind is that it's great that someone invented a faster decomposition of plastic, but the opposite is true. Faster decomposition is achieved, but micro-plastics are formed. This is the term for diverse miniature fragments of plastic (from 100 nanometers to 5 millimeters) that occur in water, soil and air as part of their contamination. Above all, they are stored in the oceans and destroy the environment. And this does not correspond to our philosophy, so we reject the production of OXO plastics. In addition, classic plastic is 100% recyclable, so it certainly wins before adding OXO additives.


Screen for your design

This plastic classic is the best screen for your design. You can play in 1-color, full-color and full-area motives thanks to flexography printing. It will beautifully underline your advertising bag, sacks or, for example, bags with adhesive flap.