Bio bags strike back

It looks like a HDPE bag, but appearances can be deceptive. We introduce you a bio bag, a hit of this year. The material is made of corn or potato starch, making the bag completely compostable. Show your customers that you care about our planet, and replace your plastic bags with this organic bag. Believe, that it will be appreciated. Plus, this bag is extremely soft to touch.

What makes it better?

It is simply the most eco-friendly. There is a great boom about negation of excessive plastic consumption. We all know that sometimes it is indeed a bizarre consumption of a large amount of packaging materials, in many cases unnecessary, but if you are a dealer and need to offer a bag to buy your goods, we recommend this bio version of classical HDPE bag. Thanks to the production of the finest corn or potato starch, you can bury the bio bag under the ground after usage because it decomposes itself. Compared with OXO additives, there is no storage problem and no microplastics are formed. The bag only decomposes during the composting process, while the OXO decomposes after the effect of light and air.


Proof instead of promises

Produced according to EN13432, EU certification of bio materials. It is born to save resources and reduce waste.


Strength versus softness

For higher load capacity we definitely recommend a version of “T-shirt” bag, but we also offer a bag with a reinforced die-cut handle or with a tear bar for smaller products. And what do we love about this bag? It's gentleness. It is incredibly gentle to the touch and beautifully soft. Once you touch it, you'll understand.


Printing on organic material

As you wish, either 1-color or full-color printing is no problem. You can even choose large-scale graphics from higher quantity. The background of the bag for the ecological version is not purely white - but it is not harmful, on the contrary, use it as your advantage.