What would you say if your ad was seen more than before? Twice more, three times more, or even fifty times more. Sounds good, right? And one more bonus - your bag will be loved, reused, and will not end up in the trash after first use. Ideal. And where to find this treasure? It's simple, choose a non-woven bag.

Its high lifetime will ensure that people will like it and will definitely not want to get rid of it. In addition, the environment will rejoice at its re-use. And now something about its qualities that will make you sure about this great decision.


Why this bag?

The bag is made of a material called polypropylene, which is a special long-life porous fabric. The manufacturing processes consist essentially of two phases: preparation and strengthening of the fiber layer. This ensures high strength, durability and, above all, long-term use. Which, hand on heart, is a win. Especially nowadays, when a lot of people start to look at the environment and recycling, and the effort to produce as little waste as possible becomes their bread and butter. In addition, the bag is lightweight and compact, so that's why your customer will adore it and carry it all the time, so others can admire it.


How can your bag look like?

It's up to you. There is no limit to your creativity. We offer you a wide range of editing options. We will create any size for you either with long handles over the shoulder or short handles. You can decorate it with one-color, full-color and full-area printing. And as the icing on the cake there is the possibility of shiny and matt lamination, which completes the overall effect.

Our tip: Simplicity pays off. When you go this way, just a logo is enough, but if you want your bag to be really beautiful, we recommend using metallic foil or other lamination effects.