This cotton beauty can help you to be number 1 on the market in terms of presentation. Either for its endless design possibilities, or for reusability and versatility.

These bags can be greatly used at festivals as well as for your customers, and thanks to reuse, they save the planet.

They are easy to print with the most complex graphics, making them a great marketing tool for your business. You can also choose from a variety of fabric colors and two types of handles - long over the shoulder or short to hand. Their practical use is much wider than, for example, plastic bags, which are not so heavy-duty and can not be washed. In short, the cotton bag is a stylish yet durable tool for your everyday life.



Do you also care about the environment like us? Then you can choose bio cotton, also called organic cotton. It is softer to the touch because the cotton fiber is not damaged by the chemicals commonly used in cotton growing. It also has a longer life span and a more sustainable softness, not to mention that it is more suitable for allergy sufferers and even for the youngest.