We are proud to present you one paper beauty. It is slim, soft and elegant. Although it does not have full hips like the others, it provides all the benefits like a classic bag. If you have smaller products, it is ideal for you.

Why should I prefer this bag instead of classic paper?

The advantage of this flat beauty is the price. It's the cheapest version of paper bags. The sides are glued together, which is especially useful when storing. They fit more in the shipping carton and don't take up too much storage space. For its price and storage we dare to say that you will enjoy its great popularity and you will not want to change it anymore. In the case of smaller products or documents, it is definitely one of our favorites. Especially because it is comparable to plastic bags, but with the hallmark of ecology, which is a big plus.


If she's so thin, is she missing something?

Apart from the wide sides, nothing is missing. On the contrary, it is highly practical, but only suitable for smaller products that do not need much space around them. If you are ecological, you can choose a paper version with FSC certificate or a natural recycled option. But it is also a luxury option, which can be achieved by additional surface treatments, such as glossy varnish or cotton and other handles. There are plenty of options and it is up to you what you choose. It can be printed with flexography, CMYK or full-area printing. All you have to do is to match the handles in color and have a unique, elegant and delicate bag that is just yours.

Our tip: Recycled paper, combined with cotton handles, is a very original and modern version, but since the bag itself is quite minimalist with its subtle curves, it would be a distinctive full-print or pattern matched to the handles. White paper with glossy varnish brings the bag to a luxurious, timeless style.